There is an absolute constitutional right to an attorney, at no point in the criminal proceedings can the government use the fact that an attorney was retained against the defendant. The government cannot come to Court and argue that a defendant is guilty because he or she hired an attorney. Nobody should ever be concerned or worried about looking guilty for hiring an attorney.

Also, it is important to remember to never waive Miranda Rights and to never agree to speak with law enforcement before consulting with an attorney, this right is also guaranteed by the US Constitution. I have yet to see anyone benefit from talking to law enforcement before speaking with an attorney. An individual cannot look guilty because he or she invoked their right to counsel. If you get arrested do not worry about looking guilty by remaining silent, invocation of that right can never be used against you.

I Was Just Arrested and Charged with A Cybercrime. Are These Generally Bondable Offenses?

There is nothing specific about cybercrimes that prevents bail. When it comes to bail, the Court is required to analyze two issues: whether the defendant if released, will be a danger to the community, and whether the Defendant will come back to court for trial. Since most of my clients are extradited, the bond or bail is often denied because the judges decide that since they do not have any connections to the United States, and will most likely not return to court for trial. In practice, when somebody gets extradited to the United States, the person will rarely get out on bond or bail. However, if the individual has strong ties to the US, the only issue becomes whether they are a danger to the community, and the significant factor in that analysis will be the loss amounts, number of victims, and what type of cybercrime it was.

What Information and Evidence Should I Be Sharing with My Attorney to Help My Case?

No person should be hiding anything from their criminal defense attorney, even if they feel it is something small or insignificant. An attorney needs to know about everything.

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