The American criminal justice system is a system of deals and plea bargains. A person may be innocent and may have a chance of winning at trial but trials are expensive, time-consuming, and risky for both sides. This means that very few cases go to a jury trial and that the government will almost always offer the defendant a plea deal. It is up to the defendant whether to accept it or not, and it’s always the defendant who makes the final decision, not an attorney. The question then becomes how good the government’s plea offer is?

In a federal criminal case, the defendant is usually facing multiple charges or counts, a plea can result in most of those counts being dropped or dismissed by the government if the defendant agrees to plead guilty to one or two of those charges. Criminal defense attorneys use various tactics to get the best possible plea offer for the client. However, it is important to note that the plea parties work out must be somehow related to the facts in the case, no federal judge will accept a plea to money laundering if the only charge was rape.

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