My name is Igor Litvak, of the Litvak Law Firm. I have been involved in criminal law for nearly 11 years. I began my career interning at the New Jersey Office of Attorney General, where I interned in the department that regulated the medical industry in the State of New Jersey. Part of my responsibilities was to help investigate fraud in hospitals and among doctors, some of whom lost their licenses. After law school, I obtained a position in Manhattan at The Portella Law Firm. At the time, the firm was primarily involved in criminal defense, where I was able to gain a vast amount of experience.

After working at The Portella Law Firm for a couple of years, in 2013, I launched my own firm. Over the last several years, I have had the honor to work on some of the most significant criminal cases prosecuted in the United States. I have a considerable amount of experience in criminal defense and a big part of that has been working in federal court on cases including largescale cybercrimes and white-collar fraud, bank robbery, drug trafficking, organized crime, and terrorism.

Though I have handled many different types of federal cases, including organized crime, I am most well-known for defending clients who have been charged with cybercrimes. Those cases range from hacking claims to white-collar claims.

What Are the Types of Cybercrime Cases That Your Firm Takes On?

I represented clients in all types of cybercrime cases, including cases involving carding, bots, ransomware, and traditional hacking. Recently I worked on a case involving a Mathbot, which the government claimed was a method to defraud marketing agencies. According to the government, Mathbot was a newly created browser that fooled various online platforms, such as Facebook, into believing that millions of viewers were watching their commercials when in reality it was only a bot.

What Do You Want Readers to Understand About Cybercrimes?

These articles are for anyone who is interested in Cybercrime and the legal issues relevant to it, as well as for anybody interested in criminal justice. Federal criminal defense is tough to get into, and most attorneys who do criminal defense rarely handle federal cases. It’s a nice niche, but it is not easy to get into, and it is very different from state practice. It’s more formal and requires much more experience and work.

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