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Attorney Igor Litvak Handled Some of the Biggest Criminal Cases Ever Prosecuted in the US
Great criminal defense attorney who gets the job done, used him for two big cases, major white-collar federal case in NJ and a smaller state case out of Richmond County. He is quick to respond and easily reachable, took time to address all my concerns and explain everything what was going on. He is also very knowledgeable about criminal law and it was obvious that he has tremendous experience in this field. – Edgar
A New York Criminal Defense Firm with Experience in Representing High-Profile Clients Throughout the US
Top notch attorney, he always returned my calls, explained everything what was going on and actually did the leg work of speaking with witnesses. I fully recommend Igor Litvak for your case, he will fight for you. - Alex
Attorney Igor Litvak Handled Some of the Biggest Criminal Cases Ever Prosecuted in the US
Definitely hire Igor Litvak, he doesn’t give up until he gets the best outcome possible. I highly recommend him. - Jashua

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When you are facing criminal charges, you don’t want to do it alone.
You want an attorney who is experienced and has a proven track record for handling major, high profile cases - and winning.
You want a lawyer who will fight for his clients and go that extra mile.
You want Attorney Litvak on your side. With his extensive experience working on some of the biggest cases in U.S. history, he will stand up for you and work to ensure that your rights are protected.
Call today for your free consultation and get the representation you deserve.
This is your life; you can’t afford to leave it to chance.


Second Russian Man Pleads Guilty in Massive U.S. Credit Card Hack
Lead Counsel in the Largest Cybercriminal case to ever be prosecuted in the United States.
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Адвокат Романа Селезнева Подготовил Письмо Трампу
Lead Counsel in One of the Largest Cybercriminal cases to ever be prosecuted in the United States.
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Russian Gang Hacked Slot Machines and Plotted Over Stolen Sweets, U.S. Says
Co-Counsel in a Major Federal Organized Crime case.
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Czech ministry allows extradition of Ivory Coast national to U.S.
Major Federal International Terrorism case, was retained as Co-Counsel.
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Assault Defense

An assault charge can encompass several factors and occur in varying degrees. It can be committed with a weapon or without, and there are even several sections within the law that cover assault with a vehicle.

Cybercrime Defense

The internet has made our lives much easier. With a few clicks of a mouse, we can make business better, find information on nearly anything, and communicate with people across the globe in real time.

Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence is a very serious and complex type of crime that can leave lasting, detrimental marks on your record and your life.

Drug Crime Defense

In recent years, elected officials and law enforcement have shone a probing light on drug crimes in the United States.

DWI/DUI Defense

Crimes that involve driving while intoxicated or driving while under the influence of alcohol (DWI/DUI) are considered to be some of the most heinous and there is a continual public push for stronger laws with harsher penalties.

Fraud / White Collar Defense

A charge of fraud can bring with it many serious consequences. It can cause personal ruin, professional devastation, and destroy your business.

Guns and Weapons Charges Defense

In New York, guns and weapons charges are some of the most serious offenses. When it comes to criminal possession of a weapon, the law doesn’t play around.

Homicide Defense

A homicide charge can end your life as you know it. A single charge can mean years in prison, even the rest of your life.

Sex Offenses Defense

Sex offenses have long been viewed by society as being some of the more reprehensible and heinous type of crime.





Thanks to Igor Litvak, all my debt has been discharged and I now have a fresh start. I would recommend him to anybody.
I want to commend the professionalism, compassion, kindness, candor, and personal attention of Igor Litvak…
I have never dealt with a lawyer so professional and diligent... I recommend Igor Litvak with all certainty.
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